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Which CMS works best with Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Most digital experiences include CRM integrations. If you have invested in Dynamics CRM, we know what is the best CMS for your next website.

Theo Paraskevopoulos
Posted by Theo Paraskevopoulos 21 Aug 2018

To deliver the best digital experience, your CMS must provide the entry point for many systems but especially your Customer Relationship Management (CRM). GrowCreate has extensive experience with integrating different CRMs with our websites. But as a Microsoft specialist, we find ourselves working most frequently with Microsoft Dynamics and Azure environments.

Dynamics hardly needs an introduction. A best-in-class CRM that is powerful enough to power the world’s biggest organisations, yet nimble enough to be used by growing ones. But not all CMSs are the same. Some are not very flexible, with limited API options and no data workflows or event handling capabilities. Others - especially PHP-based ones - can be a security nightmare, forcing site owners to keep them disconnected from mission-critical systems.

What you should SCREAM out for

So what features should you look out that make the integration as seamless as possible? 

  • Scalable - if your CMS can't scale it may fail at peak times and compromise your architecture
  • Compatible - if you are using Dynamics, you need a .NET and Azure-compatible system
  • Reliable - pick a secure and reliable CMS - in the current version and going forward
  • Extensible - you need a flexible CMS that can bend to requirements, not the other way round
  • Affordable - whether open-source or license-based, your chosen system must fit your budget
  • Mature - only tried-and-tested CMSs should be hooked to your mission-critical CRM
Umbraco and Episerver are the best systems for CRM integration. In fact, we picked them because they integrate so easily within business environments. 

If you are considering a new CMS to connect to your Dynamics, applying these criteria should help you clear the playing field. From our perspective, we think that Umbraco and Episerver are the best systems for these use cases. In fact, the very reason we picked them because they integrate so easily within cloud and business environments. 

Umbraco - best for open-source CMS

If you prefer a license-free system, Umbraco is your best choice. Written in .NET, and scaling seamlessly on Azure, it offers an intuitive editing experience and a host of connectivity options for Dynamics. Secure and reliable, Umbraco gives you a strategic scope CMS, with features typically found only in expensive commercial systems. 

Episerver - best for digital experience

For organisations that are keen on full-scale digital experience platforms, we recommend Episerver. This is an enterprise-level .NET platform, which brings content, commerce and marketing in one screen. Featuring pre-built connectors for Dynamics and AI-driven personalisation, Episerver is a recognised CMS leader.

Trust the experts

Integrating your website with your CRM is no longer a nice-to-have, it is a baseline requirement. Recognising this a while ago, GrowCreate made the decision to specialise in systems that deliver this as seamlessly as possible. You have already decided to invest in Microsoft Dynamics; to make the most of your investment, you need a CMS that fits and an implementation partner that knows the tricks. 

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We hate bugs! Free Umbraco health check