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3 Flavours of Personalisation with Umbraco

Theo and Kasper speak at the Umbraco Festival Deutschland 2017 about 3 ways to use personalisation with Umbraco.

Theo Paraskevopoulos
Posted by Theo Paraskevopoulos 19 May 2017

From commerce to politics, web personalisation remains one of the hottest topics in digital publishing and marketing. In this engaging technical talk, Kasper and Theo discuss 3 different ways to use it with Umbraco and Pipeline DXS:

  • Behavioural segments with DiMML Analytics, for anonymous users
  • CRM-based personalisation, for recognised users
  • An AI-powered recommendation engine with Azure Machine Learning

In the process, Kasper and Theo explore the basics of personalisation, introduce Pipeline DXS and the discuss the main concepts of Machine Learning.

We end with a call to action: join us to bring Pipeline DXS to market. If you are a forward-thinking agency or developer, passionate about Umbraco's potential - get in touch!

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