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Desktop or mobile shopping? Episerver has an answer

Jenny Pleiss
Posted by Jenny Pleiss 02 Oct 2019

Despite the fact that smartphones are the most used ways to access the web, a new Episerver report shows that users are more likely to shop via desktop and tablet.

Download the report here.

The report

Episerver's very first "B2C Dot-Com Report 2018-2019" provides information about Episerver's consumer behaviour report that includes over 4,500 global online shoppers for 2018.

Consumer behaviour differs on Smartphones and Desktop 

According to Episerver's report, smartphones have become the number one source for web traffic over the years. Google has released a mobile-friendliness aspect to their search algorithm in 2018, which points out the enormous impact that smartphones have gained.  Customers mainly access the world wide web via their mobile device: 50% of all online sessions are coming from smartphones. 41% of sessions come from desktop and only 9% from tablets.

Interestingly, the units per order on average is 24% higher on desktop than on smartphones and 14% higher on tablets than on smartphones. This rather lopsided figures may be due to the users accessing the retailer's website on mobile-first, quickly browse through it, and come back later to inspect it in greater detail on desktop, according to Episerver.

Traffic sources

According to Episerver, Organic Search and Paid Search are the best performing sources when it comes to evaluating the conversion rate, units per order and bounce rate. 

Retailers and brands should ensure they’re seeing similar strength in paid and organic search traffic and if not, optimise accordingly

The classic marketing ways of direct and email have a lower conversation rate and higher bounce rates, although provides a high quantity of traffic. Consumers tend to visit the retailer's website most often when they're searching for a product or service, 33% global online shoppers noted.

How to benefit from the report

If you're thinking about restructuring your digital commerce strategy, the benchmarks in Episerver's report can help you to focus on the best sources and marketing instruments. Your website should be able to react quickly to changing trends and help to understand your customers and their needs. Episerver CMS and eCommerce and an experienced technology partner can help you to create perfect user experiences, manage different campaigns and analyse the results. 

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