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Managed Azure and AWS, day and night

GrowCreate can start you on your cloud journey, help you migrate, cost optimise and provide 24/7 support.

We deliver full-stack support around the clock and consult on platforms such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. We are the go-to support people for brands and internal development teams.

We are specialists in supporting web applications such as Umbraco for the Mortgage Advice Bureau to simplify DevOps for greater transparency between application development and IT operations teams.

Cost optimisation

Cloud migration reduces costs and improves performance. While the migration process itself presents challenges, such as cost optimisation, working with the right team will result in significant savings in resources and maintenance.

  • Optimise your cloud infrastructure to reduce costs.
  • Scale resources based on your needs, resulting in cost savings.
  • Improve your ROI by analysing and optimising cloud resource utilisation.
  • Reduce wasteful spending by identifying and eliminating unnecessary cloud resources.
  • Cloud cost optimisation allocates cloud budgets more effectively and efficiently.
  • Forecast and plan cloud expenses more accurately to gain better visibility into your cloud spend.
  • Redirect cost savings towards other strategic initiatives, such as innovation or expansion.

Scalability, security, and cost control

From hosting to databases, Azure and AWS offer the most efficient allocation of your computing resources. High availability, security, and performance are balanced against granular cost management controls. IT departments deploy CMS and DXPs on Azure and AWS to ensure scalability and compliance at the right cost.

  • 99.99%+ uptime
  • Increased security
  • Improved performance

Agility and continuous delivery

With a fully integrated DevOps suite, Azure and AWS offer powerful platforms for Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration (CI/CD) of development work. Controlled deployments across environments underpin our Agile approach and create a stream of enhancements that is typical of digitally mature organisations.

  • CI/CD
  • Controlled deployments
  • Digital maturity

Modernisation and infrastructure

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) allows for the transparent management of infrastructure resources using tools like Azure Resource Manager, Terraform and AWS Cloud Formation. These tools automate environment provisioning and spin-down, reducing manual work, increasing consistency, minimising human error, enabling fast deployment, and lowering costs.

  • Increased consistency
  • Fast deployment
  • Reduced costs
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Next-generation 24/7 support

Website support

Cloud services

Cost Management

Cut your costs by optimising your cloud resources to ensure efficient utilisation and minimise expenses.

DevOps Consulting

Streamline the software development lifecycle, enhance collaboration between dev and ops teams, and enable faster and more reliable software delivery.

Cloud Consulting

Experience the full benefit of cloud technologies from migration to solution architecture.

Cloud Monitoring

Monitor the performance, availability, and security of cloud-based systems and applications.

Cloud Migration

Migrate your application from on-premise to the cloud.

Performance Optimisation

Improve the speed, responsiveness, and overall performance of a website or application.

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"Modernising our Cloud stack has been a real growth accelerator."

UK FinTech Provider

Engagement model

01 Supporting your solution

Switch to us for application support. We look after websites, custom software, mobile and web apps, DevOps pipelines and business applications.

02 Cloud hosting

We supply or manage Cloud Hosting and DevOps for your .NET application.

03 Onboarding

Our onboarding service allows us to get to know your architecture and systems, so we can provide timely support.

Work with GrowCreate

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