2024 Website Maintenance Pricing: How Much Should It Cost?

Website Maintenance Packages

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Website maintenance pricing varies depending on the level of support

9-5 support costs range from £100 to £1,250 monthly. 24/7 support, costs can range from £300 to £3,500 per month.

Website Maintenance is important for ensuring a successful online presence

It guarantees security, up-to-date functionality, and optimised performance. However, determining the cost of website maintenance can be challenging. This article looks at what it costs to keep a website running and gives you an idea of what you might have to pay in 2024.

Here is an overview of maintenance costs you can expect based on different websites.

Website type Website maintenance costs
Personal website £25
Personal blog £25 - £75
SMB website £100 - £1,250
Enterprise website £1,250 - £5,000
Web application £1,250 - £5,000
E-commerce website £1,250 - £5,000


Maintenance packages typically include software updates. You can also expect security monitoring, backup and restore, uptime monitoring, SSL certificates, and technical support.

GrowCreate website maintenance packages


  • 1 Solution
  • 9 am-5 pm Mon-Fri
  • Uncapped P1/P2 SLA
  • Ticketing System
Application Reporting and Monitoring

Annual Health Check

Application Care
  • Code Base Management
  • Security Patches 
Cloud Managed Services
  • Dev/Staging/Prod Environments 
  • CI/CD 
  • Managed Backups 
  • TLS / SSL Certificate Management
  • Encryption at rest 


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Includes Essentials plus:
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Quarterly Catch-up Calls
Application Care
  • Minor Version Updates
Cloud Security
  • IP Blocking / Whitelisting
Cloud Monitoring

Uptime (Every 1 min, 16 locations)


Includes Standard plus:
  • Monthly Catch-up Calls
Application Reporting and Monitoring
  • Monthly Core Vitals
  • Quarterly health check
Application Care
  • Technical Debt
  • Search Reindexing
User Assistance
  • Portal Access
Cloud Monitoring
  • Auto Restart


A premium service for businesses looking for ultimate care, priority access to resources, new features, and updates.

Includes Advanced plus:
  • Uncapped P0 SLA
  • Fortnightly Catch-up Calls
  • Lifeline
Application Reporting and Monitoring
  • Monthly Health Check
  • Passive code scanning
Application Care
  • Performance Optimisation (APM)
  • Automated Testing
User Assistance
  • Private MS Teams Channel
  • Screen Shares
Managed Cloud Services
  • Failover to a static site
  • Out-of-hours deployments
  • Cost Optimisation
  • Performance Optimisation
  • CDN
  • Green Blue Deployments
Cloud Security
  • WAF
  • DDoS Protection
  • HTTP Strict Transport Security
  • Azure Security Centre

Website support extended coverage

+4 Hours

  • Mon-Fri
  • 7 am-7 pm

+8 Hours

  • Mon-Fri
  • 5 am-9 pm

+16 Hours

  • Mon-Fri inc. Bank Holidays
  • 24h


  • Mon-Sun Inc. Bank Holidays
  • 24h
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Types of Website Maintenance Services

Before costs, let's first understand the different types of website maintenance services. The two main categories are 9-5 support and 24/7 support.

9-5 Support

9-5 support refers to regular business hours maintenance. In this model, maintenance experts are available during standard working hours. They will address issues, perform updates, and provide technical support. This type of support is suitable for sites that do not require round-the-clock monitoring and updates.

24/7 Support

For sites requiring continuous monitoring and immediate assistance, 24/7 support is the ideal choice. This level of support gives you a team of experts around the clock. They will handle emergencies, perform real-time updates, and ensure optimal website performance. This level of support is critical for e-commerce website maintenance, client portals, and other high-traffic online platforms.

24/7 Support

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Website Management Costs for 2024

Web maintenance pricing varies. Factors that affect website costs are complexity, organisation size, support level, and included services. For 2024, here are some estimated website management costs:

  • 9-5 Support: On average, website maintenance services can range from £100 to £1,250 monthly.
  • 24/7 Support: Round-the-clock support costs are higher with website maintenance services ranging from £300 to £3,500 per month.
Investing in website maintenance is essential for safeguarding your online presence and providing a positive user experience.

Note that these are general estimates. Actual costs vary based on your specific requirements and the website maintenance provider you choose. Obtain quotes from reputable providers to get an accurate understanding of your situation.

What Website Maintenance Fees Include

Exact offerings will vary between providers. Here are some key services commonly included in website maintenance packages:

Software Updates

Optimal performance and security means regular software and website updates like patches, plugins, themes, and other software components. The cost of keeping your website up to date varies on the website maintenance provider and services included.

Examples of Content Management Systems are:

Website agencies will include software updates in their website maintenance package. Other services include security monitoring, backup and restore, and technical support. Investing in regular software updates is important for a secure and up-to-date website.

Security Monitoring

Security monitoring involves monitoring a website for risk, malware, and hacking attempts. It includes active scanning and detection of suspicious activities to protect user data.

Investing in security monitoring is important for protecting your website and online presence. Security monitoring costs vary based on website size, complexity, and the web agency. Consider the overall value of the package rather than just the cost of security monitoring.

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Website Hosting

Website hosting is essential because it allows your website to be accessible online. Hosting providers offer server space and infrastructure to store and serve your website to visitors.

Website hosting is essential for performance, and security, providing infrastructure and support for your online presence.

Here are a few reasons why a website hosting service is necessary:

  • Website availability: Hosting ensures your website is always accessible to visitors.
  • Performance and speed: Optimise server configurations and resources for fast loading times and handling high traffic.
  • Security breaches: Protect your site from cyber threats with security updates and monitoring tools.
  • Tech support: Hosting providers offer technical support for server configuration, website setup, and troubleshooting.
  • Scale: Hosting providers offer options to upgrade your hosting plan as your website grows.
  • Domain and email integration: Domain registration and email services for custom domain names and professional email addresses.

In summary, website hosting is essential for performance, and security, providing infrastructure and site maintenance for your online presence.

Specific features, resources, and pricing vary between hosting providers. Website owners should research and choose a provider that meets your website's needs and budget.

  • Shared Hosting means the same server hosts multiple websites. Cost ranges from £10 to £100 per month, depending on the hosting provider and the specific features included.
  • Website Builders create and host a website without needing technical knowledge or coding skills. The cost of website builders varies depending on the provider and the features offered. It can range from free (with limited functionality) to £20 or more monthly for premium plans with advanced features.
  • A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is like a computer within a computer. It has its operating system, giving users more control and flexibility than shared hosting. VPS hosting varies in price based on server specs, provider, and management. Prices typically start from around £20 per month and can go up to several hundred pounds per month.
  • A Dedicated Server is an entire physical server that hosts your website. This option provides maximum control, performance, and security. Dedicated server costs vary on server specifications, hosting provider, and the level of management and support included. Prices can range from £80 to several hundred pounds per month.
  • AzureAWS, or Google Cloud offer scalable and flexible hosting solutions. The hosting price on Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud varies based on the services, resources, and support. Pricing models can be complex, based on data transfer, storage, and usage. Check the platform pricing calculators to estimate the cost based on your specific requirements.

The costs are estimates and vary based on the hosting provider, features, resources, and extra services. Research and compare hosting providers to find the best option to meet your needs and budget.

Consider the requirements of your website, such as the expected number of visitors, speed, and security. Make your hosting choice based on these factors. Choose your hosting accordingly.

Azure Cloud Services  AWS Cloud Services

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Backup and Restore

Backups involve making copies of your data and files. Restoration means being able to go back to a previous version if something goes wrong with your website.

The cost of backups and restoration can vary depending on website size, complexity, backup frequency, and provider.

Typically, website maintenance tasks include backup and restore services as part of their offerings. Backing up and restoring your website is crucial for protection and recovery from unexpected problems or data loss.

Uptime Monitoring

Uptime monitoring is a vital aspect of website maintenance. It involves tracking uptime and response times to ensure optimal performance and address any issues promptly.

The cost of uptime monitoring can vary depending on the provider and the required monitoring level. Services with 24/7 support, including uptime monitoring, can cost between £300 and £3,500 per month. Obtain quotes from providers for accurate pricing based on your specific needs.

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SSL Certificate (£0 to £300)

An SSL certificate makes browsing safe and protects user data by encrypting information sent between websites and visitors. SSL certificates can cost anywhere from £0 to £300 per year, depending on the type and CA chosen.

Free SSL certificates are available through services like Let's Encrypt. Research providers, compare prices, and choose a reputable CA that offers the desired level of security and support. Your agency will generally do this for you.

Application/Technical Support (£50 to £150 per hour)

Technical support provides expert assistance for troubleshooting website issues, resolving errors, and addressing general inquiries.

The cost of technical support varies on website complexity, required support level, and the chosen maintenance provider.

Website maintenance packages offer software updates, security monitoring, backup and restore, and content updates. Consider the overall value of the maintenance package rather than focusing solely on the cost of technical support.

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Content Updates

Content updates include text, images, and adding new pages or sections. Update costs vary based on complexity, service provider expertise, and pricing structure.

Hourly rates range from £20 to £150 or more. Some providers include content updates in comprehensive packages. To get accurate pricing, contact providers and discuss specific requirements. Consider the value received for the cost and ensure the provider aligns with goals and budget.

Website maintenance is core to maintaining a successful online presence. It ensures the security, functionality, and optimal performance. Determining the cost of maintenance can be a challenge. Support type, size, complexity, and the services included all play a role.

Maintenance costs with 9-5 support start at £100 per month and can go up to £1,250. The monthly charges for round-the-clock support vary between £300 and £3,500. These costs may vary based on your specific requirements and the provider you choose. Obtain quotes from expert providers to get a more accurate understanding of the costs for your particular situation.

Investing in regular maintenance keeps your website secure, updated, and performing well, helping you reach your online goals effectively.

Website maintenance plans typically include services such as software updates, security monitoring, backup and restore, uptime monitoring, SSL certificates, technical support, and content updates. These services ensure a website's security, stability, and functionality.

Understand the value of what you're paying for by checking the services and features included in the price. This will help you determine if the cost is worth the benefits you will receive. Investing in web maintenance is essential for safeguarding your online presence and providing a positive user experience.

Research and compare maintenance providers. Select a service provider that aligns with your requirements and is within your financial means. Make sure they align with your goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Website Maintenance

What is website maintenance?

Maintenance means doing regular tasks to keep a website working well, updated, and safe.

Why is maintenance important?

Maintenance ensures optimal website performance, improves security, updates content, fixes bugs or errors, and enhances user experience.

What are the common tasks involved in maintenance?

Maintenance tasks include updating software, backing up data, monitoring website performance, fixing broken links, speeding up websites, and ensuring security.

How often should I perform maintenance?

The frequency of maintenance depends on factors like website complexity and traffic. You should generally perform regular maintenance at least monthly and check for critical security updates more frequently.

Can I do website maintenance myself, or do I need professional help?

Website owners can do simple maintenance tasks like updating content or plugins. However, complex tasks like security and technical optimizations may require professional help.

What are some potential issues that can arise if I neglect web maintenance?

Neglecting maintenance can lead to security vulnerabilities, slow website performance, outdated content, broken links, and a poor user experience. It can also make the website more susceptible to hacking and malware attacks.

How can web maintenance help improve performance and speed?

Regular maintenance keeps software and plugins current, deletes unnecessary data, improves images, and fixes performance problems. This helps improve website loading speed and overall performance.

What security measures should we include in web maintenance?

Security measures in maintenance include updating security plugins, using strong passwords, implementing SSL certificates, performing regular backups, and monitoring for malware or hacking attempts.

How can regular web maintenance contribute to search engine optimization (SEO)?

Regular maintenance keeps content updated, fixes broken links, speeds up websites, and ensures mobile-friendliness. These factors are crucial for search engine rankings.

Are there any tools or software available to assist with web maintenance?

Various tools and software can assist in website maintenance. Some examples include Umbraco CMS, website monitoring tools, security plugins, backup plugins, and SEO analysing tools. These tools can help maintain a website, such as content management, security, backups, and search engine optimisation.