Digital Asset Management (DAM) is now an integral part of digital transformation and is changing the way we work forever. The opportunity to provide effective ways to manage and distribute digital assets has come of age, but what is DAM and what are its benefits?

Enterprise digital asset management enables organisations with media-rich content to create, manage, distribute and manipulate digital assets such as images, videos and docs. It does this by assigning metadata to your digital assets, making each asset easy to search, filter and manage.

Why Digital Asset Management?

DAM plays a major role in brand management by facilitating consistency across the organisation and across external touch points. It helps organisations to keep their digital assets secure, organised and accessible to their global teams and third-parties.

Content first

Strong branding, cross-channel engagement and continuous development are challenges of all modern brands and customers expect content to be easily available and digestible. As the pool of content grows, the need to craft and manage new content that stands out and provides a benefit for the customers increases.

As a companies content strategy evolves managing your digital assets can become a challenge and that's why DAM is the tool for centralising your content.

DAM benefits in numbers

  • 92% of top performing companies say they experience advantages of workflow optimisation by using DAM
  • 90% of top performing companies value a centralised access to their files
  • 72% of top performing companies consider reuse of their digital content as a valuable resource 

Benefits for content editors

  • Easy content management through different user rights
  • Reduce time effort by faster searches
  • Share digital assets in multiple channels
  • Save time with automated tasks
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Improve internal and external digital collaboration
  • Provide maximum security for your company
  • Archive digital assets and define expiration dates

GrowCreate and Digizuite™ DAM

Digizuite's Digital Asset Management software protects the entire lifecycle of your digital assets - from creation and approval to publishing and reuse. Seamlessly integrate Digizuite with Episerver to create consistent brand experiences across channels. Your marketers, sales teams and Episerver editors will have access to digital assets from within Episerver.

Read more about Digizuite for Episerver here