The R&D team developed a unique language and translation solution, integrating AI-driven technology with open-source content management.

The solution can now be available to a whole host of organisations that deal with specialised multi-lingual content and diverse team.

Streamlining workflows and cutting translation timeframes

The team was asked to develop an automatic translation engine, that enables content editors to start with partially translated texts, in order to streamline their workflows and cut translation timeframes. We achieved this by substantially merging the capabilities of the open-source Umbraco platform and systems like Deepl, using newly developed Application Programming Interfaces (API).

The implementation of the translation engine enables an organisation's editorial team to request translations of a piece of text in any required language; receive notifications and perform manual edits if needed; seek approvals and release translated texts in a controlled manner. This is a challenging functionality given the specialist language involved, but the team managed to overcome internal complexity and deliver on the project. 

The existing website code base required the development team to re-engineer and refactor functionality from scratch while also ensuring additional capabilities were delivered. This work aligned with previous work on data integrations through the implementation of proprietary techniques, which collect and manipulate data from multiple locations.

Scientific or technological uncertainties

The advancements described above could not be achieved without resolving scientific/technological uncertainties. The main scientific/technological uncertainties that the company sought to overcome during this claim period are summarised below:  

  • How to merge the capabilities of a Content Management and AI-powered platform, through the implementation of a proprietary translation engine that combines information from both systems 
  • How to perform complex, dynamic, and scalable data exchange between systems, allowing the website to run even if the external system is slow or unavailable
  • How to ensure translations are streamlined and automated, yet still under the control of human editors

Eventually, the team was able to circumvent all technological challenges to achieve a seamless user experience, as well as an efficient Vacancy management platform for the organisation’s teams. 

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