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Supply and management of cloud services for Apex's critical customer-facing web solution

The Apex Group provides a single source solution that enables the delivery of an extensive range of services across the full value chain, to asset managers, capital markets, corporates and family offices.

GrowCreate successfully completed a project to consolidate a cloud-native platform for a global investment solution provider.

Following the project delivery, GrowCreate provided Azure Managed Services, Support, and DevOps. The supply and management of cloud services for Apex's critical customer-facing web solution offer the following benefits:

  • Improved management of cloud infrastructure to enhance efficiency and productivity.
  • Early detection and resolution of software defects through continuous 24/7 monitoring and support.
  • Application support from a provider with extensive knowledge of Umbraco and best practices in DevOps.

Proactively preventing critical issues

We offered dedicated support to Apex to proactively prevent critical issues. Our approach focuses on minimising disruptions and ensuring quick service restoration.

Through vigilant monitoring, we identify and detect early-stage issues with hosting components. Automated alerts are promptly sent to our system, which is monitored by the support team. Once alerts are confirmed, they are swiftly assigned to the appropriate resource for immediate investigation.

A Seamless Support Solution

Our recommendations and implementation provide Apex with a support solution that enhances testing and quality, engineer efficiency, as well as application and environment security for the Umbraco platform. GrowCreate assisted Apex in overcoming its challenges by delivering the following:

  • A reliable SLA for 24/7 monitoring and support through our Azure Managed Service.
  • Continuous monitoring of both operational code and infrastructure, providing bug and issue reporting that feeds back to the development process.
  • Automated release of new or modified code into production through Continuous Deployment (CD).
  • Monitoring of production-ready code through Continuous Integration (CI) with configuration management tools.
  • Industry-leading availability is achieved through best-practice cloud architecture and application design.
  • Increased release velocity through improved workflow practices and tooling.

GrowCreate and DevOps

GrowCreate offers Managed Cloud solutions, 24/7 Support, and DevOps as a Service for your .Net applications. We excel at assisting clients and internal development teams in delivering high-quality solutions.

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