Agile mindsets and a DevOps approach for Momentum Global Investment Management

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Momentum is a leading London-based asset manager controlling assets on behalf of an international and institutional client base.

Their unique investment philosophy is to look for companies that are adding value through internal modernisation.

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GrowCreate, designed and developed a new website alongside Invessed who accelerated the project with an embedded Fund Portal for Momentum. The new infrastructure and hosting solution for the platform needed to be scalable and provide comprehensive monitoring and automation.

DevOps practices for continuous improvement and automation

Momentum was new to Azure and delivering agile projects. GrowCreate facilitated a new agile mindset at Momentum through continuous deployments. The buy-in from the team at Momentum was extraordinary and helped the project go smoothly.

GrowCreate helped Momentum by:

  1. Providing cloud consulting for solution architecture and optimisation of their Azure Managed Services
  2. Delivering application development and implementing DevOps as a Service
  3. Delivering ongoing website maintenance and application support including continuous monitoring of both the code in operation and the infrastructure, providing bug and issue reporting that feeds back to development.

GrowCreate and DevOps

GrowCreate offers DevOps as a Service and Managed Cloud Services for your .Net applications. We assist clients and internal development teams in delivering high-quality solutions by providing a dedicated DevOps resource. Our DevOps workflows make it easy for developers to create reliable applications in predictable environments.

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