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Website migration to Umbraco CMS, to deliver a multi-site solution for nationwide Mortgage Advisers

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Mortgage Advice Bureau is the UK's leading mortgage intermediary brand, with over 2,000 advisers located across the country. The company facilitates over £27.3bn in loans and a market share of 7.5% of new mortgage lending.

Simplifying the Mortgage Application Process with Data and Digital Channels

As digital technology continues to transform the mortgage industry, consumers are increasingly turning to digital mortgages and seeking lenders and advisers who offer calculators and tools to complete their applications from the comfort of their homes.

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Enabling 2,000+ Mortgage Advisers with dual-branded websites to serve sales teams and local consumers

B2C mortgage solutions must provide the right toolkit to enable scale and the ability to build fully automated services, including:

  • Showcasing mortgage advisers to consumers through dual-branded websites
  • Delivering engaging calculators and tools for finding mortgage products for new mortgages, remortgages, and buy-to-let
  • Simplifying the mortgage application process, reducing lead time, and minimising data entry.

Using the Umbraco open-source Content Management System to develop a multi-site solution for Mortgage Advice Bureau

Mortgage Advice Bureau (MAB) migrated from its legacy Umbraco 7 website to the latest .NET Core version while improving the user experience and streamlining the customer journey. The project involved:

  • Improving website architecture and user journeys, addressing the lead generation and mortgage application process
  • Moving existing content to the new platform
  • Developing calculators and tools to simplify the mortgage application process
  • Integrating mortgage products
  • Creating dual-branded websites for over 2,000 mortgage advisers
  • Using Microsoft Azure DevOps for deployments

"Luke, Atena, Mike and Garry are a dream to work with. I genuinely have to remind myself that they have other clients they look after."

Dan Wall, Digital Optimisation Manager

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