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Umbraco Upgrades and Migrations

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Upgrade Umbraco

Like all systems, Umbraco requires routine updates to ensure optimal performance, enhanced security, and to take advantage of the latest features and functionalities. Upgrading your Umbraco website comes with a lot of benefits, including:

  • Bug fixes and security patches to improve website security and operation.
  • New features that improve user experience, streamline workflows and boost website performance.
  • Guaranteed support from the community and team in case of issues.
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Do you have a question about Umbraco upgrades or migration?

GrowCreate has been an Umbraco Partner for over 10 years and is available to support web managers and marketers with free advice on upgrading Umbraco. Contact Ainsley McWilliams with any questions.

Performance improvements

Umbraco 11 is 40% faster as it runs on the latest Microsoft .NET 7 technology and C#.

The performance improvements in Umbraco 11 include:

  • Improved page rendering for faster load times and website performance.
  • Optimised back-office interface for faster content editing.
  • Improved caching to reduce server load and improve website performance.

Upgrading to Umbraco 11/12 results in improved website performance, faster load times, and a faster back office interface. In turn, this improves conversion and reduces hosting costs.

Upgrading Umbraco: Your Options

To upgrade from Umbraco 7, you can:

  • Migrate to the latest version using the existing front-end code base.
  • Update the front-end code base to improve performance and UX before migrating Umbraco.
  • Turn your new Umbraco website into a powerful Digital Experience Platform by integrating best-of-breed solutions from CRM to Martech.

Umbraco 7 Migrations

Umbraco Version 7 was released in 2013, making it 10 years old by the time it reaches its End of Life in September 2023. This is pretty old for software.

Umbraco 7 will no longer receive support from Umbraco HQ for software vulnerabilities (e.g., security patches). This puts websites using this version at risk of security breaches.

Umbraco 8 Upgrades

The product roadmap means you will not have to upgrade from Umbraco 8 for quite a while. Umbraco 8 is now in a security phase, which means Umbraco HQ will only fix security issues and release security updates until Umbraco 8 End-Of-Life in February 2025.

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