DevOps and Support solution for safeguarding charity

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Thirtyone:eight is the independent Christian safeguarding charity offering organisations, faith, community, and government groups a complete safeguarding solution

GrowCreate was engaged to deliver a ready-to-scale platform to improve performance, scalability, and architecture. The Thirtyone:eight team was experiencing several challenges, including:

  • The need for improved management of their Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure to reduce risk and ensure uptime.
  • Seeking advice from our DevOps engineers on automation, performance optimization, and cloud strategy consulting.
  • The desire to boost efficiency by streamlining intricate workflows.
Thirtyone:eight required a partner who could meet these challenges and provide a high level of security to protect their client’s sensitive data.

A Seamless Support Solution for a Complex Installation

GrowCreate successfully met the challenges faced by Thirtyone:eight through the provision of managed hosting and DevOps support. By doing this, Thirtyone:eight was able to avoid the need to hire a dedicated in-house DevOps team. This was achieved through:

  • Providing 24/7 monitoring and a dedicated support team, GrowCreate was able to triage issues to a robust Service Level Agreement, providing a seamless support solution for a complex installation.
  • GrowCreate’s DevOps experts consulted on delivering an improved infrastructure with recommendations for automation, performance optimisation, and an overall cloud strategy.
  • Streamlining workflows and identifying areas of vulnerability to ensure the solution is secure

DevOps practices for continuous improvement and automation

  1. Continuous development encompasses the planning and coding phases of the DevOps lifecycle.
  2. Thirtyone:eight uses Continuous Integration (CI) with configuration management tools to monitor production-ready code. This approach allows for fast identification and resolution of code issues through rapid feedback between testing and development.
  3. Continuous delivery automates code changes to the Thirtyone:eight staging environment before the GrowCreate team promotes the code to production.
  4. Continuous Deployment (CD) automates the release of new or modified code into production, enabling continuous deployment by maintaining code consistency across deployment platforms and environments.
  5. Continuous monitoring of both the code in operation and the infrastructure provides bug and issue reporting that feeds back to development.

GrowCreate and DevOps

GrowCreate offers DevOps as a Service and Managed Cloud for your .Net applications. We assist clients and internal development teams in delivering high-quality solutions by providing a dedicated DevOps resource. Our DevOps workflows make it easy for developers to create reliable applications in predictable environments.

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